Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tiger Woods and the Roar of the Bigger Problem

The scene of the once great golfer, Tiger Woods, being marched off to the local jail brings into stark focus the biggest social problem to ever hit America : the abuse of opioids.
Woods was found in his vehicle in Florida in an apparent state of intoxication and arrested. It turned out that the real reason was a mix of prescription drugs  that had incapacitated him.
Opioids are a real and fast growing menace in North America resulting in addictions and overdose deaths that have overwhelmed some communities.
Portsmouth, Ohio, for example has seen 700 fatal overdoses in the last year, not from heroin but from the new brand of painkilling drugs called opioids.
These brain-killers are easily accessible, can be manufactured in back street labs or simply sold over the counter. They represent the NEW WAVE of Satan's assault on the youth of America and, looking at the body count, it is a war that America is losing.
Get used to the names of these missiles from Hell. 
Hydrocodone, Fentanyl, Duragesic, Acetaminophen, Exalgo, Meperidine, Dolophone and there are lot more besides.
Already the count of death by suicides and overdoses is exceeding that of the VIETNAM WAR.
Two weeks ago Tiger Woods put a public face on this hellish invasion.
If his arrest brings about a drastic change in public thinking and sounds forth the trumpet of alarm, he may well do more good for his country than ever he did on a golf course.


Monday, June 19, 2017

When Things Go Wrong! (Part Two)

Some of the stuff we read these days is almost unbelievable. How does one explain what happened last week off the coast of Japan when a fully loaded container ship almost sank a "fully loaded" American destroyer. I say "fully loaded" because this spy ship, sent to keep its eye on the bad guys in North Korea, was jam packed with all the latest radar, sonar and G.P.S tracking equipment known to man.
Yet, unbelievably, it crashed into a freighter the size of a floating city.
The USS Fitzgerald, on a clear night, in calm seas with little other shipping in the area collided with a vessel three times its size killing seven of its crew and had to be towed back to port.
When all the enquiries have taken place (and there will be many of them) the answer to the question 'how it happened?' will come down to one thing:human error.
One hundred million dollars worth of the most sophisticated navigation equipment rendered useless by one person asleep at the switch.
During my days at sea we posted a look out in the bows and another on the bridge and had only the most rudimentary equipment. Somehow we managed to get to where we were going safely. Nobody fell asleep!
The lesson in all of this is, in days of self drive cars, self drive ships, self drive planes, is that human beings still matter.
Who ever you are and where ever you are, TRUST IN GOD and STAY AWAKE.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Grenfell Tower. When Things Go Wrong

The photos this morning resemble a horror movie. All  24 floors of the Grenfell Tower completely engulfed in flames and a column of black smoke rising over South London.
There had been a horrible calamity with loss of life and severe injury.
A whole residential apartment block had gone up in flames resulting in the complete destruction of the building.
It is worthy of note that, as reports come back from the fire crews sent to fight the blaze, a system of safety procedures failed to function.
The large metal fire doors to the building were locked and remained so until the frames around them burned down.
The dry rising mains (large empty water pipes within the tower) could not be charged from the water mains outside the building.
Internal fire alarms failed to function while everything around them was going up in smoke.
It remained for the residents themselves to bang on neighbour's doors and then run for their lives.
More news will be forthcoming BUT let me be clear my friends, such events have been allowed to teach the rest of humanity a lesson.
For fifty five years of my life I have been telling people across the earth to prepare themselves for the coming Day of God. 
The Apostle Peter describes it thus "When the heavens shall be on fire and the elements shall melt with fervent heat."
He therefore concludes. "Make your peace with God and prove it by your godly conduct and your daily obedience to His Word and Will down here on earth."
The best safety procedures known to man.

Be ready.

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Kenyan Prayer Train.

Kikuyu to Nairobi is about an hour's drive on the morning commute.
The train is packed with rich and poor every day on their way to work.
But this is a ride with a difference; a big difference.
The lead coach on this commute is called the "prayer and praise coach."
For the whole hour's trip there is daily worship and praise being conducted by business man Joseph Tiphy Gachui and his wife, Helen Wangui Tiphy.
The passengers don't mind been preached to or prayed for. In fact, they expect it and many are the wonderful testimonies of touched hearts and transformed lives that have resulted from the praise coach.
You may wonder how permission was ever given to hold mobile church on the Kenyan railways . The answer is very simple. It was asked for by christians who wanted to make a difference in their ethnically divided and violent land and it was granted by the government who recognized that Christ was the answer.
Now wouldn't it be wonderful if that could happen on your local "Go-Train". I would gladly park my car for a daily trip to Toronto if there was a Praise and Prayer Coach attached.



Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Death at the Cathedral,

The irony of it all. Today another death in Paris. This time it was the terrorist who came to a swift end, on the steps of Notre Dame cathedral. In the name Allah he had attacked a policeman with a hammer and was promptly shot dead by another officer.
Bad, bad, bad as usual but what went on in the cathedral immediately afterwards is worthy of consideration.
The place was packed with tourists who were ordered to sit down in the pews and PUT THEIR HANDS IN THE AIR.
Thereby the irony.
I am used to being in churches where the whole congregation worships the Lord with uplifted hands but NOT by any command of the police.
But today from Notre Dame comes this amazing photo of a congregation of tourists all with upraised hands. 
At first glance I thought that they may have all been giving praise to God for their own deliverance: and what better place to do it. In a house of God.
But appearances can be deceptive. The truth was that they were ordered to put their hands in the air to show that were not carrying lethal weapons.
Ah well. By one means or another God did have a thousand or so people in a posture of worship in His house.
Maybe, just maybe, a few of them will be finding their way to a church in the next few days to voluntarily thank Him that they are still alive on the planet.