Saturday, January 20, 2018

Global Warming? Yeah. Right!

Reported last week from Russia. The coldest ever temperatures recorded.
-87 degrees Farenheit in the town of Yakutz, Siberia. (You need to check this out on google, folks.)
This temperature is so low that it literally freezes the mind to think about it.
What would you do if you lived in Yakutz? Probably sit inside and cry.
Here in Canada we have just emerged from a bone-chilling cold snap. With the mercury down at -30 C and a wind that would freeze your blood. Pauline and I stayed in and did some work to prepare our house for sale in March.
But the point that I make is about this fake science of Global Warming.  Global Warming, are you kidding me? 
Come up to Canada you climatologists, or better still, hop on a plane to Yakutz and see how your doctrines hold up while you are chipping the ice off your vodkas.
I have a little advice to share with you dear folks who want me to install solar panels on my roof and invest in wind farms near my city.
Leave the running of the planet to God who made it, and ready your souls to meet Him at the appointed day. I read in my Bible that the temperatures are really going to rise for a certain section of the population in the world to come.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Chelsea Manning for the U.S. Senate?

Convicted and found guilty of Treason. Jailed for the same offence. Pardoned by President Obama. The recipient of a sex change operation at tax payers expense, the darling of the Democratic left. Now announcing a bid to run for the Senate in Maryland.
All was well on Fantasy Island until the latest announcement by Chelsea Manning. He was the poster child of everything the modern democrats stand for. The newly minted, anything goes, everything-is (with special add ons) modern man; a parody of the true creation of God. An out-there, in-your-face hermaphrodite: a model for the brave new millennial generation: UNTIL the possibility of he/she running for the Senate of the United States of America. Suddenly the Democrats don't know what to do with their mutated child. It has turned into a Tar Baby.
Shall they support and put their money where their mouth is and risk being a laughing stock of Main Street America? Or shall they drop this thing like a hot potato and take the criticism of being hypocrites  and bigots.
Well, we will have to wait and see but while we are are waiting we will hear President Trump, in a refrain from the White House, saying "I TOLD YOU SO!" " COULDN'T HAPPEN TO NICER PEOPLE."



Sunday, January 14, 2018


Panic struck the island of Hawaii yesterday. The ballistic missile that was supposedly on its way never arrived but panic found the target. A warning had gone out over the whole island that a warhead was on its way. "THIS IS NOT A REHEARSAL"  was preluded by "Take cover" "Find shelter" and other such warnings. Across Hawaii people ran hither and thither to find a shield from the coming nuclear blast (presumably originating from North Korea).
In the end, thirty four minutes after the first siren, the all clear was given. The whole thing was a false alarm that originated from the military itself, after someone PUSHED THE WRONG BUTTON.
Ah this species called "homo-sapiens" which, roughly translated, means "wise-one".
Wisdom has been in short supply among this human race for too, too long.
Think of the words of the Bible where we read "If any among you lack wisdom ask God, who giveth liberally to all men and upbraideth not."
Yesterday was a false alarm but, rest assured my friends, the real deal will shortly be on its way and, for that day, you will find that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only sure refuge.



Wednesday, January 10, 2018


We really do live in a messed up world. After her rousing speech to her female devotees, a fever of speculation suddenly fell upon the gathering of the Hollywood elite. Could it be possible that Oprah could be the next President of the United States?
Yes! Yes! YES!!! Of course she could, and on this sacred ground of Show Business at the Golden Globe Awards the chant went up 
"Oprah for our next President."
Well let the dreamers dream and let the Beautiful People spend their millions to make it happen, but what is a matter of concern is the response of the media. 
Let us take NBC for example. This is a corporate broadcasting organization which, in their own words is "Committed to fair and balanced reporting."
These very people, the 'fair and balanced ones', went positively giddy at the prospect of their darling diva entering the race for election 2020. Gone were any pretensions of balance, impartiality or fairness. Their hatred and malice for President Trump, which for the past two years has been their daily bread, was replaced by a cornucopia of joy and laudation as they hailed his female successor: the one and only Oprah.
Not so fast. There are three more years to be lived on this planet before the next election and, as the last Democratic hopeful, Hilary Clinton, can attest, surprises do happen.


Monday, January 8, 2018

Golden Globes and the Not-so-Golden Moments

Well the annual Golden Globe Awards night has been and gone. It was refreshing in so far as Trump Bashing was out. However male bashing was in.
Oprah Winfrey led the charge proclaiming a "New Day" had dawned. Her sisters could  now walk free, unashamed, heads held high and without fear. The Day of Dignity had arrived when women would no longer tolerate being bullied and molested by brutal male over-lords.
 She failed to mention that these "brutal overlords" were mostly to be be found in the fiefdoms of Hollywood, the Media and the California film industry where she herself has held court for three decades!
While we agree that every woman should be afforded dignity in the work place and walk unashamed and free from fear at all times, they themselves can help their cause by dressing with modesty while they work and walk among men.
The "Me Too" and "Times Up" movements seem oblivious to certain laws of nature that, if a woman wears provocative clothes, douses herself with perfume called "provocation", involves herself in provocative conversation then her male counterparts may just possibly be PROVOKED to lust after her.
If I have not spoken clearly enough, you can always contact me by phone and speak to my wife Pauline who will give the point of view of a godly woman.