Saturday, March 31, 2018


I believe that it was Albert Einstein who said: "Either there are absolutely NO miracles in this life or EVERYTHING IS A MIRACLE."
Since Einstein was voted the man of the 20th Century in the Time Magazine contest it might be prudent to give that statement some thought.
If you are of the latter persuasion that EVERYTHING IS A MIRACLE  then you will not find it hard to believe what happened on that first Easter Sunday, 2000 years ago.
In accordance with everything that He had predicted in the preceding three years of His life, Jesus Christ was crucified on a Roman cross outside Jerusalem, buried in a borrowed tomb and, three days later, rose from the dead to be seen by many witnesses.
Now I ask you what is hard to believe about that?
If Christ had predicted that He would rise from the dead on the third day and failed to do so I would have found THAT hard to believe. Why? Because everything He had said He would do up that point He had done. Everything that had been prophesied concerning Him had come to pass. So why wouldn't He be resurrected and, for that matter, why wouldn't we also be resurrected to join Him with His Father to live eternally in Heaven?
It is time you stopped your doubting. It is time you took dominion over your puny brains and let your heart do what it wants to do and BELIEVE. Then the MIRACLE OF EASTER  2018 will happen to you.
Jubilate. He is Risen.


P.S.  This happens to be  BWI  # 1,000.  It may be my last. Please pray for my future direction.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Easter. This is my third post of this series. Last week it was "The Man" and today we will consider The Message. Horrifying but true, the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs are far more relevant to our younger generation than the epic event of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 
"STAT CRUX DUM ORBIS VOLVITUR" was the central statement in early church doctrine. Translated it reads "EVERYTHING CHANGES, THE CROSS REMAINS CONSTANT"
In an evanescent age and a world of a trillion tweets, absolutely nothing remains constant. The compass points of preceding generations have been obliterated in the blizzard of trivia and information that have engulfed the minds of the texter, tweeter, hash-tag masses.
Folks it has NOT CHANGED IN 2,000 YEARS.
Christ Jesus DIED FOR OUR SINS according to the scriptures, was buried and three days later, HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD according to the same scriptures.
Got any sins? Christ died for them. Got any honest doubts? The scriptures will answer them? Got any friends who are believers? Follow them to church this Easter and find out for yourselves.
"Stat crux dum orbis volivitur" In a dumbed-down generation that's the dum that really matters.


Saturday, March 24, 2018


I said in my last post that, leading up to Easter, I would look at four words: Easter : The Main Event. The Man, the Message and the Miracle. Today we think of Easter "The Man."
At the end of the last millenium there was a referendum in TIME Magazine on the top 1000 most influential people of all time. When the results were listed they were posted beginning at NUMBER TWO. 
Number one, it was stated, was so far ahead of the rest that they never even listed JESUS CHRIST.
This being so I would like to ask the readers if it is possible that the most influential figure in the human race could have been a liar, a madman, a charlatan or a hypnotist. I mention all four because at various times I have heard such nonsensical explanations given to describe Christ.
 Then, it being agreed that Jesus is the Person He said He was, and that He finished the work that He came to do by dying on the cross and shedding His blood as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind (which include yours) would it not be prudent to at least read one of the Gospels before you die?
When and if you do, ask God  "What would you have me do to know You and to do your Will on earth before I die and meet You face to face?" Be assured that His reply and your response will determine whether you make your home in Heaven with Jesus Christ and His people.


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Easter. The Main Event.

The last four posts of my career as a postal worker will focus on Easter. The Main Event; The Man; the Message and the Miracle.
Think with me. I have studied history for most of my life and I can confidently say that the Main Event in the narrative of Human Kind upon the Earth is what happened in the three days of the first Easter recorded in the Gospels of the Bible.
This is the date from which our calendar registers Two thousand and eighteen.
This is the date that measures the minting of the coins of the realm.
This is the date accepted by all mankind as the beginning of the New Era.
This is the date when everything changed in this benighted world in which we live.
The events went by almost unnoticed when Jesus Christ was arrested, falsely accused, fraudulently tried, brutally crucified and was buried in a borrowed tomb. For a brief three days the glorious music of His life's symphony ceased. Then on EASTER SUNDAY  it started once more never to be stopped again. Count this post as just a few more bars played in God's overture to mankind.
In my next post the string section will be playing along with a little percussion. Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

BWI # 996

Breakfast with Ian. The last lap to Easter. In two weeks time I will be writing BWI # 1000. 
I got started when Pauline and I were visiting old friends, John and Sue Cowgill in Cyprus. For the ten days we were with them I would give a brief message from the Bible to begin the day. "Sue called them "Breakfasts with Ian." The title stuck and when we returned to Canada I continued with these thoughts under the same heading  "Breakfast with Ian" Now, some seven years later I am writing # 996. Will I continue posting after Easter? I don't know, but I feel that I should give some credits where they are due at this time.
To John and Sue Cowgill, a heartfelt word of gratitude from Pauline and myself for a most memorable time in Cyprus and for getting me started on "Breakfast with Ian."
My thanks also to my son, Mark, who set up my original web site and who has tinkered several times since to keep me "on air".
To my friend Ken Skinner, my original 'techy' man who launched BWI to a wider audience around the world, my appreciation.
My acknowledgement also to Donna Morris, my present and most excellent secretary who unfailing presses the right buttons and who sends BWI "on 'er way" several times each month.
Finally, to my wife Pauline, my love and deepest appreciation. She has cast her eye over hundreds of posts, spotted typos, made valuable suggestions and exercised great patience when I have been AWOL banging keys behind closed doors. 
Will more of her patience be called upon in coming days? We shall wait and see.
That's it for BWI 996 folks.

Jubilate .