Monday, May 30, 2016

JUTLAND One hundred years ago.

May 31st thru June 1st 1916 saw one of the largest naval engagements of the whole of human history. It was fought off the coast of Denmark, near Jutland, and involved the mighty steel battle fleets of the German and British navy.
At the close of the encounter 25 ships had gone to the bottom along with thousands of brave seamen.
Who won the battle. Neither side. BOTH LOST.
These mighty battle cruisers, with the super-sized title of "Dreadnoughts", only reflected the super-sized egos of the two cousins who represented the nations involved in the deadly drama.
King Edward of England and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. 
Both vied for the title of Monarch of the Seas. Both had the power to make the moves to reconcile their differences. Neither did. Both will go 'down to the bottom' in history as egotistical fools. 
They stand as an example to mankind of the sort of people who should never be allowed to govern other men.
If Churchill called the Second World War the "unnecessary" war, the Battle of Jutland: all that preceded it and all that succeeded it should be termed "unforgivable".
Do men learn from their mistakes? Absolutely not. Why, the scene is now set for the biggest blow-up of all history "The Battle of Armageddon". Time for us all to "trust in God and keep our powder dry"