Friday, June 24, 2016

BREXIT: Going, going, GONE!

First thing this morning I phoned my sister, Anne, in England.
Brexit was already six hours from point zero and she was upset.
"How could so many people vote to leave the European Union?"
"They don't understand" "It is a disastrous decision."
Needless to say, she and her husband David had voted to 'remain'.
Then, at a certain point in her conversation, she mentioned that 60,000 Polish migrants live in her area of Southampton and that, in addition to drawing British entitlements, they also get family allowance paid from Poland. She then said "That irritates people."
Yes, dear Sister, you are right and a lot of other things irritate people. Like the barmy EU rules that say English cucumbers must be straight. That eggs cannot be sold by the dozen but must be weighed by the kilo. That the British sausage must have at least a 70% beef content. That potatoes cannot be weighed by the pound. That no vacuums drawing over 1600 watts can be sold in England..... and so on.
I pointed out to my sister that I am just on the far side of shingles. The great relief that I now feel is that I am no longer being stabbed and jabbed by pangs of pain in my head and cheek.
I think that today in England, millions of people will be simply happy that they will no longer be jabbed and irritated by senseless  E.U. rules, and that they can sit down and eat their "bangers and mash" in peace. A bit like being on the far side of shingles!



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