Friday, June 10, 2016

Fifty years and still at it.

Steve Davies, an old compatriot of mine, posted this photo this week on Facebook. It is a shot taken of me preaching, along with Steve and other friends at the Liverpool Pierhead in 1967.
A few years prior to this I had shipped out from Gladstone dock as a seaman in the Merchant Navy, now I was back again, this time preaching the gospel.
A lot has happened in fifty years. Fashions have changed, governments have changed, presidents and prime-ministers have come and gone, the Beatles were all the rage and playing in Liverpool in 1967. Now they are in a museum adjacent to where the photo was taken! Faces have changed, my own especially. 
But two things have remained the same in these past fifty years.
Firstly, I am still married to Pauline, the same beautiful Liverpool lass that I met in 1967 and who now resides with me here in Canada.
Secondly, the gospel message that I was preaching in the open air those many years ago has never changed.
Jesus Christ the SAME yesterday, today and forever.
Still the same love and grace to people of every colour and race; still the same power to heal and to save us from our sin; still the same precious blood to wash His people white as snow and still the ONLY Name given by God to bring men and women Heaven.
Maybe you were with us in Liverpool those many years ago? If you were it would be a joy to hear from you.