Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando The home of make believe and harsh reality.

When Walt Disney chose Orlando to be home for his theme park, Disney Land, he had a dream is his heart that this would be be a place where families could come and enjoy a day of perfect fantasia.
Without getting aboard a space ship they would be a able to make a journey and step out into a new planet of fun, laughter and pure make-believe. A place where dreams come true and never a dark cloud would insert itself into the sunshine and the forever-blue sky.

Last night, few miles down the road from Planet Disney, a grim reminder was given as to the true reality of THIS planet and of what America has now become.
The worst mass shooting in U.S history took place in a homo-sexual night club, named "The Pulse."
In a few horrifying minutes a mad Islamic gunman reduced a dance floor to a slippery, bloody mess of carnage and devastation. So far fifty are dead and another dozen left clinging to life.
Allow me to quote one of the foremost T.V news anchors.

"This act of horror has left America stunned and SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS."
Please permit me to supply one of those answers.
Walt Disney was an atheist and, in his cartoon world, NEVER allowed Christ into his scripts. He created a dream world minus God.
America in the last twenty-or-so years has attempted to do the same. Like the genius cartoonist they have, in a series of secular rulings, air-brushed Christ out of their perfect world. No prayer in schools, no religious scenes allowed in public places, no Bible in  places of learning, no ten commandments in the courtroom etc.
Small wonder that tonight we have a nation searching for answers.
Before the morning breaks I suggest that at least some of America's leaders open their Bible and find a few.