Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Shingles: Don't Get Them.

First a tingle in the hair line, then a twinge in the ear, then five minutes later the real knock on the door, a shooting pain through my left ear that almost took my breath away. SHINGLES HAD ARRIVED.
Pauline told me to go the the medical centre A.S.A.P. and sure enough the diagnosis didn't take long. The doctor gave it the fancy medical name of Trigeminal Neuralgia. In lay man's language "a small taste of hell."
As I write, I am on on the far-side of the ordeal: still patches of my scalp that are electric to the touch and an occasional stab around the cheek but the 'house invasion' stopped in the hall way and kitchen before the invaders could take over the rest of my residence. 
Thank God for the ontario health insurance plan. (OHIP)
I had my appointment set for 3:00 PM. I was out of the doctor's office at 3:15; by 3;30 I was at the pharmacy; by 3:45 I had my anti-viral meds; by 3:50 I was at the optician's for a check-up on my left eye in case the virus had spread there to do it's work on the retina; by 4:15 PM I was back home.
Later I had one of the brothers anoint me with oil and pray for me.
There's the cure for shingles: all of the above plus a loving wife to nurse me.
If you only get one BWI this week you will understand.
Finally my advice to everybody. Get the vaccination.

Jubilate .

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