Thursday, June 2, 2016

The rise of the Super Bug.

If you have been following developments in the pharmaceutical industry, over the last year you will have noticed alarm bells have been sounding.
Super Bugs are on the increase. Many of them have taken up residence in the hospital and care facilities of our land.
This new strain of microbe has been busily mutating for twenty years reinventing itself to become immune to even the most powerful of antibiotics.
News this week that a female patient in the United States is an official carrier of Super Bug and cannot be cured by any known anti-biotic.
How did it ever come to this state of affairs? Simply explained, the crisis is the result of years of over medicating on anti-biotic medicine.
Doctors have prescribed anti-biotics for everything from common respiratory complaints to bladder urgency. and the dark side of bug world has finally evolved its own defence to medical attacks.
Super-Bug is here to stay and, this being the case, age old diseases such as tuberculosis and diphtheria may be with us in force once again.
To those who deny that there is any form of 'dark force' working against humanity, try and explain to us how strains of super bugs emerge that actually THRIVE upon medicines that once killed their bug ancestors.
Speaking in one of His parables about the emergence of weeds among good seeds in a field, Jesus said: "An ENEMY has done this."
That explanation is about as simple as it gets. There is a devil at work in the world and, when I see a super-bug under a microscope, I have no trouble in believing it.