Friday, September 30, 2016

Fixing the 'Fixers" in Manilla.

The president of the Philippines has suddenly emerged as the scourge of the nation's drug dealers. Duterte came into the office as president with the vow, that he would take care of the nation's drug epidemic by a simple method: eliminating every drug dealer in the land. Nobody listened or, if they did, they were not paying much attention. But, as of today, the whole world is on full alert; especially the UNDERworld. In a few short months Duterte and his police force have killed three thousand drug pedlars, many by old-style executions with a bullet to the head, right there on the street.
No trials, no lawyers, no investigations just the Wild West way of taking care of business.
 Howls of outrage from the liberal West have left Duterte unmoved. In plainest of terms he has said "You ain't seen nothing yet."
In this old fashioned approach to problem solving he follows on in the footsteps of Chairman Mao who fixed the opium problem in China by locking up twenty million users until they had all gone "Cold Turkey". Closer to hand he had the example of Lee Kuan Yu from Singapore who executed all dealers and drug pushers, cleaned up the island and in twenty years made it an economic powerhouse.
If you are horrified at the brutality of it all, listen to the reasoning behind this purge of the island's underbelly.
He says: "I am prepared to eliminate every drug dealer and pusher in the Philippines if it means saving our younger generation from a life time of enslavement and slow death at the hands of the drug lords. This is a war and I mean to win it."
Now who would argue with that?



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