Thursday, September 8, 2016

One Grim Milestone.

Having closed the Kitchen two months ago it was the with the hope that when I re-opened the restaurant in September it would be to better news. It is not to be.
On Monday of this week, the city of Chicago reported it 500th murder of the year. A milestone on the road to hell.
500 of its citizens dead, mostly through gunfire and double that number seriously injured. If you think that these sound like war statistics you would be right.
It is estimated that since the year 2000 more people have been shot, stabbed and strangled in America than in all the nation's wars since the second world war.
Let the figures speak for themselves. The conclusion must surely be that America is a country at war with itself.
At war on its streets, at war in its schools, at war in Congress, at war on its roads and at war in its hospitals (where millions of children have met death by abortion).
Nor will the outcome of the 2016 election help to heal the land.
This great nation was once called "The City on a Hill" That was when the banner of the Gospel of Christ flew proudly aloft.
If the bleeding of this awful wound is to be staunched it will only be when the Nation returns to former things. When it returns to former pathways and to the unchanging standard of Righteousness that exalts any nation.
If this post adds a tiny breath to that clarion call it will not have been written in vain.

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