Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Red Cross or the Red Boss.

Just who is Clay Higgins? He is the Louisiana marshall who was kicked out of a Red Cross shelter after praying for the victims of a recent flood.
If you thought that this humanitarian gesture symbolizes all that the Red Cross stands for, you would be wrong.
Marshall Higgins was told to desist from praying and to leave the shelter because the Red Cross is a 'faith neutral' charity.
Just who are these people who wish to bring political tyranny on loving, well meaning people who demonstrate all the care and concern of the Good Samaritan through their volunteer work?
Were this a Red Crescent centre where people were praying in the name of Jesus, maybe they would have a point. But not only are these "correctivists" bullies of the first order they are also ignorant of the Red Cross history.
   The cross was the adopted sign of the "Knights of Saint John of the Hospital" in the crusades a thousand years ago.
It was later, ( in the 1800's) broadened to involve all medical care given in war, and was based in Geneva in Switzerland. The Red Cross, as we know it today, is a christian based emergency help organization, with the obvious emphasis being on the CROSS and on the BLOOD.
Now ten centuries of history is being challenged by these bullies and bumpkins in the shelters of America.
I say "Be gone with you!" Go and get a job at the Red Crescent and see what happens when you try to stop the Imams praying with their people.

Jubilate .

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