Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Queer Verdict of the Homosexual Wedding Cake.

I often return to the years of my upbringing in England. Life was simpler and, looking back, I am glad it was.
A man married a woman and they were called Mr and Mrs and usually (90 % of the time) remained so until parted by death.
The idea of same sex marrying same sex was so horrific as to be never contemplated.
Homo sexuality was a punishable crime.
That was in Great Britain 1950.
But last week in the same realm, The Asher family bakery were found guilty of discrimination in their refusal to write on a cake 
Mark you this bakery, run by born again Christians, had not refused to bake the cake. They had refused to write the homo sexual slogan on the top.
For this act of dissent they were brought to court by a certain Mr Lee, whose court fees were paid by the tax funded Northern Ireland Equalities Commission. Yesterday they were found guilty of knowing and willful discrimination against a "recognized minority of the population".
How times have changed and just where will these changing times take us?
It is hard to imagine but I think it is safe to say it will not be a better world.
 The very Hand of God that made "Britain Great" can also write a different epitaph on the walls of history. I have words that come to mind but perhaps my readers can supply their own.


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