Friday, October 21, 2016

The Travesty of all Things Sacred.

Ask any newcomer to planet Earth what was his interpretation of the Holy Days of Christmas, St Valentines, Easter and Hallowed Evening and he would give you an unprejudiced answer.
Why! Christmas is a glorification of someone called Santa; St Valentine's is an extravaganza of chocolates, flowers, red hearts and human romance; Easter is a Spring ritual where the Easter bunny pops out of his burrow and showers people with chocolate eggs, and Halloween is a bizarre night where  humans run around dressed in ghastly suits, toting severed heads under their arms and try to scare the wits out of each other.
In other words they would not have a clue that these four occasions were events on the CHRISTIAN calendar. Days set apart to celebrate God at work in the world of men. Times to contemplate the greatness, grace and love of God in sending His Son into the world through the Virgin Mary: Christmas. The death, burial and resurrection of Christ for the salvation of the human race: Easter.
The resurrection of saintly men and women whose lives have influenced millions through the ages. All Saints Day.
The martyrdom of a Roman soldier for the sake of his faith. St Valentine Day.
Thus the hijacking by the devil, of the purity, truth and loving acts of God is complete.  
O, let me apologize. The devil is only a fairy tale figure who we let out from his fiery den on one day of the year, October 31st.
Well folks, there is another day on God's calendar, shortly to come, when the God will send His Son Jesus back to the earth to judge both the living and the dead. Judgement Day, we can guarantee, will be no laughing matter.



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