Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hilary. Now what?

There was never any suspense about the outcome of the 2016 election in America. The issue was decided way back in August after a series of blunders and blathers by Donald Trump that squandered whatever good will he may have built up with main street U.S.A. 
But with the first female president elected in the history of America we ask the question "Now what?"
This once great nation is bitterly divided not just between democrats and republicans, nor between black and white nor even between rich and poor (these demographics have existed for a century with the States still the United States.)
No, the great divide that has emerged is that of millions of disillusioned and embittered white male voters who feel that their nation, worked for and fought for by their fore fathers, is in decline. That they themselves no longer enjoy the pride and prestige that was automatically theirs by birth and that the standard of living experienced by the previous generation is increasingly beyond their reach. These are facts that exist beyond the realm of politics, and cannot, therefore, be solved BY politics.
What was once the throbbing heart of industrial America is now rightly described as The Rust Belt. What was once the great auto city of Detroit is largely a derelict ghost town and the mighty force of King Coal in West Virginia and Kentucky is being whittled down by windmills and solar panels as Green Energy challenges Fossil fuel.
These and other unassailable factors have produced a deep current of anger among millions of blue collar workers that will never be assuaged by the smooth rhetoric of any politician, least of all Hillary Clinton.
For the next four years America will have a woman democratic president scarcely tolerated by 50 % of the country and a congress and senate dominated by angry and disaffected Republicans.
Who would envy Clinton her job? A job that she has fiercely fought for all her life and one that she may be only too glad to relinquish in 2020.



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