Monday, November 21, 2016

No More "Good Friday's"

If there is one particular incident that highlights the great divide in America, it is the one that happened yesterday in Bloomington Indiana. 
 John Hamilton, the mayor of this far left community, has just renamed two of America's historical holidays. 
"Good Friday" has now become "Spring Holiday" and "Columbus Day" has been renamed "Fall Holiday."
According to Hamilton this will make the calendar "inclusive to all"
To all my international readers, this small piece of municipal legislation will help you understand the anger and outrage felt by the followers of Donald Trump, towards the liberal left.
This politically correct crowd have been busy for years airbrushing out traditional  American words from the lexicon (considered to be offensive to them) and also making war on the Christian faith by the banning of prayer from schools, creches from the public square, the ten commandments from court-house walls and by foisting a host of other holier-than-thou indignities upon the population.
The outcome of the recent election has flabbergasted this highbrow crowd.
How could the American people vote for a "Neanderthal" like Donald Trump?
I will give you one simple reason ( to go with hundreds of others).
The president-elect has stated that his first act of congress will be to mandate the use of "MERRY CHRISTMAS" in federal buildings instead of "HAPPY HOLIDAYS".
If that needs explaining to you then you wouldn't even begin to 
grasp the present mood in the United States.



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