Monday, January 16, 2017

January 20th. Donald Trump's Big Bash.

You will have heard that the Big Names of Much Music and Hollywood are not attending the inauguration of President Trump.
This doesn't seem to have fazed Donald in the slightest. In one of his famous tweets he says "What did this "A" list of celebrities do for Hilary? Nothing! I want real people."
Boris Epstein, his event manager, dismissed the absence of major musicians saying: "This is not Woodstock; a summer jam session or a concert. This is the inauguration of our President."
Instead of Mariah Carey or Lady Ga Ga there will be the full Mormon Tabernacle Choir (minus one member who chose not to appear)
There will also be a solo by 16 year old Jackie Evancho who Trump described as part of his Movement.
As for the participating clergy, they are represented by evangelicals of the truest order. Franklin Graham, Billy's son will give an address. Paula White, a tele-evangelist from Florida has been appointed as a spiritual advisor and it was she who reportedly led Trump to the Lord last October! The invocation will be given by well known prosperity preacher Wayne T. Jackson.
If you think that this all sounds like a revival meeting you would probably be right.
That is why you are hearing all this from Breakfast With Ian instead of reading it in some liberal newspaper.
Why don't we all just lift up our hands and say "Hallelujah!".


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