Saturday, March 18, 2017

When Little Things Mean A Lot.

This week a Maine dairy company was ordered to compensate its truck drivers $10,000,000.00 in back pay. You might ask what was so bad about that.
Well, it all emerged from a PUNCTUATION error. In the union contract  Oakhurst Dairy had failed to put a COMMA in between the words '"Shipping" and "Distribution" which failed to differentiate between the people who loaded the milk cartons and the drivers who delivered the product. Thus the drivers qualified for overtime pay that they had not formerly received.
A single comma in the contract made all the difference.
In life, itself, little things can mean a lot. Finding the right word, for example, can turn the whole meaning of a conversation into something different.
In a public lecture  someone was asked to explain the difference between the words "Complete " "Finished."
Here's how he replied.
"In marriage, when a man finds the right woman he feels COMPLETE. However, if his wife later finds him with the wrong woman, we could say that he is FINISHED."
Yes indeed, little things do a mean a lot, in marriage and in all other areas of life. Be careful where you put your commas.

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