Friday, April 14, 2017

EASTER: The Mother of all Bombs.

The bomb that seared its way through the skies in Afghanistan yesterday was called a MOAB. Nick-name for "Mother of All Bombs!" It dropped from the heavens on the Southern H.Q. of Isis on the Pakistan border and, in one mighty blast, demolished a complex of caves and tunnels where the terrorists were bunkered down. 22,000 lbs of high explosive would do that. In fact the impact was so great that the shock waves were registered miles away as an earthquake. It was the biggest conventional weapon ever used and reportedly it did its job.
How is this connected with Easter.
Well, 2000 years ago, God dropped the Mother of all Bombs on the Headquarters of Hell when Jesus Christ was crucified, buried and three days later rose from the dead. 
During the three days after His crucifixion the scriptures say that Jesus "Descended into Hell". He wasn't dropping by for a friendly visit. It was here, Saint Paul records, that He took on all the combined hosts of Pandemonium (the devil's palace) thrashed them,  led them captive and made an open show of them..
Think of that. A bomb from Heaven that penetrated the deepest caves of Hell and blew them to smithereens.
I have been reporting that great event for 55 years now and every Easter the shock waves of what happened reverberate through my heart once again.
I hope they reach yours as you celebrate with your family this weekend.


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