Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester: Fire and Fury.

This morning the world awaits the cause of the Manchester Stadium explosion.
We don't really have to speculate do we?
It WILL be a terrorist attack. 
It WILL be some Muslim with a name like Ahmed or Muhammed.
He WILL have been on the police watch list.
Why are we so certain?
Because these have been the the INVARIABLES in dozens of these foul and ghastly assaults in the last ten years, whether in America, France, Germany or England.
Its the new reality folks.
And how do we stop it?
At a national level we leave it up to our national leaders to figure it out.
At a PERSONAL level I have been telling EVERYBODY on EVERY possible occasion for the past FIFTY FIVE years that the answer is CHRISTIANITY.
JESUS CHRIST is THE SON OF GOD and the PRINCE OF PEACE and there is no peace without Him. For you, for me and for the whole world.


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