Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Miracles Still Happen! All the Time.

Pauline, my lovely wife, had some discouraging news at the beginning of the year. She was diagnosed with  pulmonary hypertension. I had never heard of this before, nor had she.
Simply put, it is a heart and lung condition for which there is no known cure.
Thankfully we are a couple that believe in prayer and are part of a church that looks to God for miracles and divine interventions.
One Sunday morning we anointed Pauline with oil and prayed for a complete healing in Jesus' Name.
She had an appointment with a heart specialist two weeks later and, YES, the consultant pronounced her clear.
Now that is the good news that we like to tell you about in a world where there is an over-supply off gloom.
But wait, there is more. A month ago our good friends from Toronto phoned with news that Linda had the symptoms of cancer in the lung.
Praise God for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, because I immediately said: "All is well. You two are going to live to a ripe old age together."
Linda had a CAT scan ten days later and, LO it was clear!
She also had her miracle.
I think you will agree, that in an age of scepticism and general unbelief in the supernatural working of God, we need to hear up-to- date accounts of "Jesus alive and well" on planet Earth.
Even if you don't I am still letting you know how it really is.

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