Thursday, May 18, 2017

When Treason Comes Wearing Lip-stick

Chelsea Manning was released from prison yesterday. You may recall that it was he/she who was sentenced to thirty years in a military jail for divulging state secrets to Wikileaks. You may also recall that while Manning was behind bars he underwent a sex change operation and became a "SHE".
You may also recall that one of the last acts of President Obama was to commute his/her sentence and sign an early release.
Now this same Chelsea Manning has been seized upon by the LGBT community and the adoring liberals and made into symbol of triumphant resistance.
Her/his photograph has now become the rainbow coalition's poster child. Above is the newly done-over portrait of a traitor, in all its grotesque beauty to be paraded as a model of American protest.
Meantime President Donald Trump is parodied as a blown-up buffoon by the same media-types.
Take your pick folks because this is a sample of Brave New America going to hell in a heap.


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