Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Forsaking All Others I Married Myself.

Laura Messi from Rome attended a wonderful wedding ceremony yesterday. It was her own. She had decided to forsake all others and marry herself.
She was now forty years old and, having experienced a failed relationship with a male partner, she decided that from now on she would enter into SOLOGAMY: a life long relationship with herself.
The ceremony of this new marriage covenant was attended by 70 guests. There was a large three layer wedding cake and the bride and bridesmaids were resplendent in striking silk dresses.
Great joy was exhibited by all present where wine flowed feely and speeches were given for Laura's long and happy union WITH HERSELF.
Many have been the congratulations on social media and, it would appear, that Laura may be starting a trend for the future. Others are now lined up to enter into nuptials with themselves.
There is always a little rain on every parade, however.
Some of the more unfeeling have posted comments such as
"There is something wrong with your brain lady"
"Are you out of your mind?"
"You are one sad feminist.!"
"A pointless submission to a patriarchal institution."
"Sick indeed."
Naturally we shall have to check in with Laura's story.
Perhaps when she goes through her first imaginary pregnancy and her new book telling us how it happened.


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