Saturday, September 9, 2017

When the Wind of God Blows.

Psalm 148 is worthy of our consideration this morning.
The Unites States and the Caribbean basin are totting up the bill after been battered to pieces by consecutive hurricanes: it is likely to reach half a trillion dollars. Oh my! 
But listen to the Word of God.
"Praise Him ye waters that be above the Heavens. Praise the Lord from the earth, ye dragons and all deeps: fire and hail; snow and mists; stormy winds fulfilling His Word."
Irma, Katia, Harvey, Jose...... these hurricanes were not desperados that somehow escaped from God's prison house. All four of these ladies and gentlemen were under His command, from their quiet conception in Africa, in their evolution in the Atlantic Ocean to their fury and might when they reached the Western Hemisphere. All were steered and directed by God who, the Bible says: "Holds the winds in His fists".
I, for one, don't intend to argue that point, having escaped the wrath of a tornado in my own city of Barrie in 1985.
But when the "Dragons of the deeps" are let loose upon us what message do they bring?
Solomon in his wisdom three thousand years ago spoke words to this effect: 
"O God, when You cease to send the rains in their season and blight and plague visit Your people and we are delivered into the Hands of our enemies, cause us O God to come to your Holy Temple and look unto You in repentance and cry aloud for Your mercy. In such a day look down from Your Holy Hill and hear our prayer O Lord."
Time to go back to church folks and seek the Face of God lest His winds begin to blow in your neighbourhood.


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