Sunday, October 15, 2017

California's Inferno.

Floods in Houston, hurricanes everywhere in the South East, earth quakes in Mexico and now a raging inferno in California.
Fires have rampaged through whole districts in Northern California driven by strong winds and fed by the dead under brush of four years of drought. Unstoppable has been the fury and indiscriminate the destruction as whole communities have been razed to the ground.
Can there possible be any good come from such a calamity? Well, all according to how you look at it, the answer is yes.
In the path of the inferno were fields of cannabis that had been planted in the spring and were ready for harvest.
Because of a federal law that prohibits the growth of the narcotic, insurers will not cover the farming and processing of marijuana nor its distribution. Consequently dozens of businesses that jumped on the band wagon of selling pot now find that their facilities are burned out with no insurance to cover their loss.
To use an American expression "Golly Gee! We are all broke up to hear the news"
No doubt come Spring of next year there will be another crop planted, but in the meantime large numbers of opportunists will be declaring bankruptcy and may even be joining some of their customers in the flop house to smoke a few joints by way of consolation.
Too bad.



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