Saturday, November 18, 2017

Australia: The Latest in the Slouch Towards Gomorrah.

The celebrations were loud, long and raucous. No, Australia had not won the Ashes cricket trophy: they had just voted to introduce homosexual marriage into their brave new nation.
Wow, how they have grown up in the last hundred years.
But while the beer flowed and the rainbow flags waved, the darker side of the affair is now being assessed.
Across the country churches were defaced and slogans smeared, spewing hatred against any and all that may object to the depravity of same-sex marriage (as if such an unnatural institution could ever exist in the first place)
Count on it, this matter is not yet over. The emboldening of homosexuals KNOWS NO END. Their demands will be INSATIABLE.
In two months time the Australian Open Tennis tournament will  begin and the opening round will be the Margaret Court Arena versus the LGBT lobby of Australia calling for her name to be removed from the stadium. Why?
Because this lady, the greatest among the female tennis greats, is a pastor who has openly countered the rush towards Sodom in the sport.
Now wait and see. 
By the way isn't the game of tennis played within boundaries and with long established rules of refereeing and etiquette?
Well, my Australian friends, the latest referendum has removed the moral boundaries from your nation and trashed a centuries old rule book.
 Silence!        I hear the sound of approaching hoof beats!



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