Sunday, November 12, 2017

ISIS Bring 'em All Home and We Will Look After Them

The hand wringing and introspection has all begun. This week the last ISIS bastions in Iraq and Syria have fallen and the Caliphate of tyranny and terror has collapsed.
Now what to do about the hundreds of prisoners that are rounded up in camps across Iraq and Syria.
Since these are the thugs and monsters that have beheaded, burned, raped and pillaged over the last four years, the Iraqis and Kurds,(who hold the most P.O.W. s) seem to have no problem. Summary executions are taking place with little or no examination or trial.
Pretty much the way in which the victims of the Caliphate were treated.
But now the United Nations Human and Civil Rights Council have gotten involved. Don't forget,  these are the people who know better than the rest of us.
Here is a quote from the lead advocate. "It is important to remember that these misguided Islamists still have a part in our "shared humanity". We should never exclude them from the common inter-national family. Justice must prevail and they must have their due rights given them as with all the other members of our race."
In other words, bring the four hundred British born Jihadists back home and house them in her Majesty's Prisons at $100,000 a year, until we figure out what to do with them.
Two weeks ago, when the British Foreign Secretary mused that it would be better for everybody if these Jihadists were killed on the battle field, he was branded as Neanderthal.
Maybe he is, and maybe you and I and people like us are the real cavemen in this Age of New Enlightenment.



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