Monday, November 20, 2017


Like a scene from an old Western Movie, Robert Mugabe, hit from all side by bullets still staggers around occasionally firing off a round from his own pistol. Those characters never seemed to die, did they?

But, this time the old fox has run out of tricks and time: his 37 year old reign is over (we think).
Still couching the situation in diplomatic language, a newspaper declared that the "Thirty seven year old ERROR has finally come to an end"
Error indeed! This megalomaniac in his tenure as tribal chief over Zimbabwe saw white farmers stripped illegally of their lands and holdings, superintended the raping of the nation's wealth, the  destruction of its economy, the impoverishing of its people and the aggrandizement of his family and their cronies.
Some error. What happened in Zimbabwe was a modern social disaster that took the Pearl of Africa out of the hands of Britain's colonial rule and made it the world's number one banana republic.
I have in my wallet a $100,000,000 bill issued by the bank of Zimbabwe. It was given me by one of my friends who was a missionary in Harare. It wouldn't even buy a loaf of bread.
Pray for this nation for it is home to many wonderful pastors and their congregations. The danger is that, as Mugabe hobbles back to his village in the bush, Mnangagwa, his vice president will continue where he left off and push his nation even further into the stone age.



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