Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Planet Hollywood and the Liberals of America,

We have some sort of fantasy play-land in my fair city. They call it Planet Hollywood. 
Actually this is named after another vastly more populated place that hovers over America just above the Van Halen layer. In this ethereal and heady place the liberals, the beautiful people, the rich and the famous, the celebrities and the media types, the funky folk, the "greenies" and  the rainbow coalition plus many others have formed their happy club house.
They peep over the parapets of their elevated nirvana and look down with a degree of pity on poor fools like you and me; people who believe the Bible, believe that marriage is a life long covenant between man and woman, believe that this planet earth belongs to the Creator God and that He controls the wind, the waves and the atmospheric temperatures, these things and a lot more besides. In a word we are "the common folk".
Last year "the common folk" on this very day, spoke in a national election and had the temerity to elect Donald Trump as President of the United States.
Planet Hollywood suddenly developed a huge tilt that has left many of its citizens hanging on for dear life. Screams of fear and anger filter down to the population still on the ground and the most persistent cry is "Join us and help take our country back again in 2020".
Well those pollsters are at it again and are predicting that the nightmare will be over in three years time and we can all get back to normal with a freshly minted Democrat in the White House.
Don't bet on it. The Irish Bookmakers lost their shirt when their favourite horse "Hell-for-leather Hillary" stumbled and broke her leg. Now, a little chastened, they are giving "Dynamite Donald " evens that he will be in his residence for another four years.



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