Saturday, December 30, 2017


It has been subtle but pervasive. For nigh on two decades war has been waged on Christmas. That is, Christmas as a uniquely Christian celebration. From "Happy Holidays" to the banning of nativity scenes in public places, and no carol singing in schools the assault on Christmas has been incessant. 
But there was radical shift in America this year. Let me tell you about it for you will not have heard of it from any left wing media source.
One of Donald Trumps campaign promises was to bring back 
This was but a small symbolic gesture you may think 
This issue between a "Happy Holidays" versus "Merry Christmas" is a battle line between the secularists, who have been slowly and systematically been waging war on the Christianity for years, and those who are determined to stop the move to de-christaianize America.
Once again the political set have underestimated the strength of feeling from 'christian' Americans. Trump, with his uncanny sense for how Main Street U.S.A. feels, has made "Christmas", the word, and "Christmas", the celebration, A BIG THING.
Melania has hosted a Christmas special with children singing carols and has decorated the White House in full seasonal splendour, including a giant nativity scene.
Meantime Donald has given every member of Congress a super-size christmas card with scripture verses inside.
Let the secularists mock and ridicule but they may be singing carols of a different sort in 2020 when the election delivers Trump a gift of another four years in the White House.



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