Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Aliens are Coming.

The Aliens might be sending a Christmas message to us. Staggeringly stupid but true, a project is on to check out a cigar-shaped asteroid in the deep solar system to see whether it carries alien technology. It's name is "Oumuamus", Hawaiian for, "Distant Messenger"
Of course, the whole thing is funded by a billionaire with too much time and money on his hands. He is hiring a team of astronomers to focus a super-sized ear into space to detect whether there are radio signals coming from this rock as it enters an orbit around the sun. 
What is worth noting is that it is going to be with us around Christmas.
How interesting! These buffoons and billionaires cannot hear the message shouted by God, loud and clear to all men, and sung by angels that first Noel when He sent His Son to the earth. However, they WILL zero in on a lifeless rock hoping it might  be carrying an encrypted echo from little green men in outer space.
All of this will cost millions of dollars to come up with another blank.
Instead of fake news why not get the REAL message this Christmas by reading the opening chapters of Luke's gospel. It's true and it's FREE.



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