Friday, December 8, 2017


If you have not already heard of BITCOINS you will be reading about them shortly.
Although there are just a few thousand physical coins, the vast majority exist ONLY in cyber world. They are a form of digitalized currency with encryptions to prevent forgery and are independent of the centralized banking system.
They burst onto the market less than ten years ago as the new way of doing business in cyber world. They can be used for many sorts of transaction mainly through the internet and, in the last five years, have become the hottest commodity in the financial and investment world.
The first coins released were valued in the region of a hundred dollars: as of this morning they were trading at seventeen thousand dollars apiece.
Before you rush out and buy two or three, be cautioned.
What goes up vertically often comes down vertically. We experienced such an event in the sale of BreX gold shares in the 1980's when penny stock ballooned to two hundred dollars a share and then burst after the whole thing turned out to be a scam.
This could well turn out to be the case with BITCOINS but, at the moment, hot air continues to be pumped into the bubble.

The best deal on this earth is still the one that Jesus told us about, namely shares in Heaven, where rust and moths do not chew away your investments and your stock appreciates throughout eternity!


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