Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Chelsea Manning for the U.S. Senate?

Convicted and found guilty of Treason. Jailed for the same offence. Pardoned by President Obama. The recipient of a sex change operation at tax payers expense, the darling of the Democratic left. Now announcing a bid to run for the Senate in Maryland.
All was well on Fantasy Island until the latest announcement by Chelsea Manning. He was the poster child of everything the modern democrats stand for. The newly minted, anything goes, everything-is (with special add ons) modern man; a parody of the true creation of God. An out-there, in-your-face hermaphrodite: a model for the brave new millennial generation: UNTIL the possibility of he/she running for the Senate of the United States of America. Suddenly the Democrats don't know what to do with their mutated child. It has turned into a Tar Baby.
Shall they support and put their money where their mouth is and risk being a laughing stock of Main Street America? Or shall they drop this thing like a hot potato and take the criticism of being hypocrites  and bigots.
Well, we will have to wait and see but while we are are waiting we will hear President Trump, in a refrain from the White House, saying "I TOLD YOU SO!" " COULDN'T HAPPEN TO NICER PEOPLE."



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