Wednesday, January 10, 2018


We really do live in a messed up world. After her rousing speech to her female devotees, a fever of speculation suddenly fell upon the gathering of the Hollywood elite. Could it be possible that Oprah could be the next President of the United States?
Yes! Yes! YES!!! Of course she could, and on this sacred ground of Show Business at the Golden Globe Awards the chant went up 
"Oprah for our next President."
Well let the dreamers dream and let the Beautiful People spend their millions to make it happen, but what is a matter of concern is the response of the media. 
Let us take NBC for example. This is a corporate broadcasting organization which, in their own words is "Committed to fair and balanced reporting."
These very people, the 'fair and balanced ones', went positively giddy at the prospect of their darling diva entering the race for election 2020. Gone were any pretensions of balance, impartiality or fairness. Their hatred and malice for President Trump, which for the past two years has been their daily bread, was replaced by a cornucopia of joy and laudation as they hailed his female successor: the one and only Oprah.
Not so fast. There are three more years to be lived on this planet before the next election and, as the last Democratic hopeful, Hilary Clinton, can attest, surprises do happen.


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