Thursday, February 15, 2018

Let's Go To Mars.Yeah Right.

It was a staggering documentary of human capability that I saw last week. This film was titled "Making the Impossible Possible" and show-cased everything that was going on in the American "Reach for the Stars" space programme.
By the year 2035 NASA is expecting to have landed men on Mars and returned them to Earth with future colonization of the Red Planet in mind.
But before this mighty Mars Rocket takes off from Cape Canaveral would it not be in keeping to ask what happened yesterday two hours drive down the coast from the launch site?
Here, in the district of Parkland south of Miami, a horrendous massacre took place in the local high school. About twenty students were shot to death and multiple others were injured. The shooter: an aggrieved student.
This is the great contradiction of the American State. While there is the brain power to put a man on planet Mars there is no collective wisdom to solve the human condition here on EARTH.
This brain power that I am speaking about bans prayer and Bible reading in the public school systems of the land and then stands aghast when students devoid of hope, purpose or sense of self worth gun down their classmates in bloody rage.
America, forget "Reaching for the Stars" and reach out to your own children on earth with the gospel of the love of God for all mankind in the person of Jesus Christ.

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