Thursday, February 8, 2018


You will have no report of the National Prayer Breakfast given by mainstream media.
It was held today in Washington. President Donald Trump was the invited speaker.

The Syndicated news reporters were there but you will not be hearing from them. Why not? Because President Trump spoke with great passion and sincerity of his faith and spoke largely about the grace of God that has abounded at every level of American life. The abundance, affluence, freedoms and benefits that The United States have enjoyed he placed fully upon the favour of the Lord who has so "richly blessed the nation"
Why would these observations not be widely reported? Because they are politically incorrect and anathema to the liberal mindset who attribute the prosperity and freedoms of America to human ingenuity and brains ALONE.
"Leave the Lord and all that religious stuff out of it. We did this ourselves and the credit belongs to no one else but us."
Yeah right! In 2016 the forgotten people put Trump into the White House: in 2020 the FORGOTTEN GOD will keep him there.

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