Thursday, March 1, 2018


Oh the joy of those texting devices.
Not only has there been increased carnage among America's drivers but now death by distraction has come upon America's WALKERS.
Last year, in 2017, there were 6,000 pedestrians killed using their phones while walking across busy inter-sections.
Amazing video clips were seen on a recent documentary showing near misses from cars, buses and trucks as oblivious jay-walkers stepped off curbs and ignored "DONT WALK" signs with their texting machines.
Bodies have been recovered from under vehicles with head-phones still in place and  phones still in hands, but all other life departed.
What is the warning in all of this?
Peril and sudden death lurk everywhere: we don't want to increase the odds by giving the Grim Reaper a new toolset to do his job.
After all, what what could be more earth-changing than the famous last words of a texter saying:
"I'll see U in 10 mins in StrBks"      and then fail to arrive?



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