Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Easter. The Main Event.

The last four posts of my career as a postal worker will focus on Easter. The Main Event; The Man; the Message and the Miracle.
Think with me. I have studied history for most of my life and I can confidently say that the Main Event in the narrative of Human Kind upon the Earth is what happened in the three days of the first Easter recorded in the Gospels of the Bible.
This is the date from which our calendar registers Two thousand and eighteen.
This is the date that measures the minting of the coins of the realm.
This is the date accepted by all mankind as the beginning of the New Era.
This is the date when everything changed in this benighted world in which we live.
The events went by almost unnoticed when Jesus Christ was arrested, falsely accused, fraudulently tried, brutally crucified and was buried in a borrowed tomb. For a brief three days the glorious music of His life's symphony ceased. Then on EASTER SUNDAY  it started once more never to be stopped again. Count this post as just a few more bars played in God's overture to mankind.
In my next post the string section will be playing along with a little percussion. Stay tuned.

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