Saturday, March 31, 2018


I believe that it was Albert Einstein who said: "Either there are absolutely NO miracles in this life or EVERYTHING IS A MIRACLE."
Since Einstein was voted the man of the 20th Century in the Time Magazine contest it might be prudent to give that statement some thought.
If you are of the latter persuasion that EVERYTHING IS A MIRACLE  then you will not find it hard to believe what happened on that first Easter Sunday, 2000 years ago.
In accordance with everything that He had predicted in the preceding three years of His life, Jesus Christ was crucified on a Roman cross outside Jerusalem, buried in a borrowed tomb and, three days later, rose from the dead to be seen by many witnesses.
Now I ask you what is hard to believe about that?
If Christ had predicted that He would rise from the dead on the third day and failed to do so I would have found THAT hard to believe. Why? Because everything He had said He would do up that point He had done. Everything that had been prophesied concerning Him had come to pass. So why wouldn't He be resurrected and, for that matter, why wouldn't we also be resurrected to join Him with His Father to live eternally in Heaven?
It is time you stopped your doubting. It is time you took dominion over your puny brains and let your heart do what it wants to do and BELIEVE. Then the MIRACLE OF EASTER  2018 will happen to you.
Jubilate. He is Risen.


P.S.  This happens to be  BWI  # 1,000.  It may be my last. Please pray for my future direction.

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