Wednesday, September 6, 2017

First HARVEY and now IRMA.

I heard the story of two business men who had retired to Florida. One asked the other where he had lived before he retired. He replied "I had a business in Chicago and it was burned out so I took the insurance money and came down here. What about you?" The other man replied "I had a business in Atlanta and it got flooded out so I took the insurance and retired" The first guy then asked "How did you start a flood?"
Good question. While men can start fires large and small only God has the power to send floods, or shake the earth with other natural disasters like eruptions and earthquakes.
What happened in Houston,which received over THREE FEET of rain in three days, and the disaster that is now being braced for in Florida when hurricane Irma arrives, are termed by the insurance companies "ACTS OF GOD".
This term is also an exclusion clause for them paying out money for events that they claim could not be predicted or planned for.
A cute little phrase isn't it? AN ACT OF GOD.
But in days when mankind is out to combat climate change all by his own efforts and ingenuity it is sobering to think that, in the face of a category five hurricane, we are all found to be tiny, helpless earthlings dependent upon the Lord for His overshadowing and protection. 
Rather than shaking a fist at Heaven it behoves us to praise God for His deliverances and thank Him for His daily mercies lest He choose to remove them.

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