Monday, October 2, 2017

The Death of David Mainse.

I recall a factoid worth repeating: on the day that President  Kennedy was shot, on that same day a great Christian statesmen passed to his reward in heaven. In all the storm of media attention surrounding John Kennedy's assassination, the death of C.S. Lewis passed unnoticed. So much for earthly acclaim. 
But, I am heartened by the scripture in Psalms that says "The death of His saints is precious in the sight of God."
To bring the matter up to date. Last week Hugh Hefner died in California whilst here in Canada David Mainse passed on to his reward from the Lord. You will not have heard a peep of this event through your local media, it being drowned out in the roars of acclaim from the South.
David was a pioneer in Christian Broadcasting. He founded a daily T.V. programme called 100 Huntley Street where his studio was based in Toronto. The name was later changed to CROSSROADS, the large Headquarters from where the Gospel was daily broadcast across the world.
As a Canadian writer and preacher I must honour the passing of this great man of God.
Heaven is surely a richer place today, not only with the arrival of David but the the thousands of souls that made heaven their home because of his life and ministry.
Well done David, good and faithful servant.



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