Wednesday, January 31, 2018

State of the Union. A House Divided

With a flourish and all the confidence that only Donald Trump could convey, we heard last night that the state of the Union was strong.
The President then proceeded over the next hour to tell us why.
However, it was clear from this marvellous piece of theatre that the "Union" was anything but strong. Sat on  their respective sides of the aisle the lawmakers presented a house divided: deeply divided.
On the right there were numerous standing ovations and ethusuiastic cheers from the Republicans. On the left, their Democratic counterparts sat in stony, slab-faced silence.
Nancy Pelosi, looked as if she had severe indigestion while Chuck Schumer almost disappeared into his shirt collar as he shrunk into his chair.
Such was the scene for all America and the world to see as the drama played itself out.
The need to re-build the infra-structure, to defeat terrorism, to control immigration, to contain Iran or to prevent a nuclear North Korea. It did not matter what the issue was: still the same dogged silence and malevolent expressions from the left side of the house.
There is deep trouble ahead for America. Not economic, for the stock market is at an all time high and unemployment at an all time low. No, the looming crisis is the social and moral divide that has opened like the Grand Canyon through the nation and was plain for all to see last night.
Time to pray folks; really pray, for the United States is United no longer.

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