Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice Today, Where Next?

News flashes are jumping across my T.V.  screen. People running for their lives, police sirens wailing, paramedics in emergency vehicles, panic everywhere. It is in France. It is on Bastille Day, and, before ever the rest of the news has been filled in, I know that it is another terrorist attack and that this latest act of savagery will have been the handiwork of a radical muslim.
No more spin from the media please. No more politically correct verbiage from the politicians. No more soothing phrases and long, lachrymose adjectives from those who know better than the rest of us.
Islamic terror is the greatest menace to the peace, prosperity and personal safety of our generation and some one, somewhere, has to face up to the fact. If that is Donald Trump in America, so be it. But whoever the leaders are in the western nations the moment has arrived and in the name of all that is truth and sanity LEAD.
And when you lead do not lump Christianity into the madness that is called multi-faith/multi-culturism.
Christ and His people stand AGAINST and ABOVE all that we now see happening in the name of religion.



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