Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Friend Eddie

I felt that I should write a few lines on the passing of my friend Eddie Weber.
Eddie was a legend in his own lifetime down in the Elmira Mennonite country in Ontario.
He would have classed himself as a Mennonite but had broken with the Old Order (those who still drive a horse and buggy instead of a car and who shun electric power on their farms). Yet Eddie still kept his contact with the soil, with his Mennonite friends and with Christian faith.
Eddie farmed in one of the richest tracts of land in Ontario, near Kitchener. His wife was Emma and he had a son and a daughter. My daughter married his grandson Cameron. I suppose farming was not adventurous enough for Eddie for, in mid-life, he branched into demolition, pulling down barns, exploding buildings and stuff like that.
Cameron still recalls Eddie allowing him to hit the plunger at the age of four to blow down an old silo tower. Well into his seventies, Eddy could be seen driving his trucks loaded with precious antique beams and barn boards, sometimes headed to the States to welcoming dealers. At 80 years old Eddie retired from the risky business of handling dynamite and began working at a local feed mill, lifting 100 pound sacks of meal and loading up customers half ton trucks. He didn't need the money but the job kept him in contact with people and it was people Eddie loved. To enhance that contact Eddie would drive the cars of senior citizens ( he never considered himself to be one) down to Florida. They flew, he drove, in order that they could have their vehicles for the winter. Come spring he would drive their cars back to Canada again.
The day came when Eddie decided to call it quits. Instead of his truck he rode round Floradale on his bike. That kept him in contact with his village friends and today he is in contact with thousands more in Heaven. Eddie went to be with the Lord last week and I know exactly what he will be doing. TALKING. If you place your own faith in Christ as Eddie did, you will be meeting him one day and continue this conversation.

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