Wednesday, January 24, 2018

When Old Friends Die.

I lost an old friend recently. He was a man that I spent some of my early days with serving God in my home town and later, preaching  in the city of Liverpool. His name was Richard Gibson. You likely will never have heard of him but that is not important. Sufficient to say that God knew him and that his name is recorded in the Book of Life.
Richard and I preached together in many places both in the North of England and on Merseyside. 
We were preaching at the Pier Head in Liverpool when the Beatles were just getting started in the Cavern Night Club. They were at one end of Dale Street while we were at the other.
The Beatles were telling us that "We all live in a Yellow Submarine"
Richard and I were telling our audiences that they could all make their home in Heaven if they believed in the Lord Jesus Christ.
After we were married in 1968, Richard to his wife Moyra and  me to my dear wife Pauline, we parted company. I emigrated to Canada and Richard stayed to raise his family in his home town in England.
For over forty years we were separated by 3,500 miles of ocean but we were never divided as friends and stayed in regular contact.
Richard went to be with the Lord a few weeks ago. Before long I will be seeing him again in a better place than this old earth.
Our friendship will continue there for all eternity.
That, my friends, is the hope of all Christians.


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