Saturday, March 17, 2018

BWI # 996

Breakfast with Ian. The last lap to Easter. In two weeks time I will be writing BWI # 1000. 
I got started when Pauline and I were visiting old friends, John and Sue Cowgill in Cyprus. For the ten days we were with them I would give a brief message from the Bible to begin the day. "Sue called them "Breakfasts with Ian." The title stuck and when we returned to Canada I continued with these thoughts under the same heading  "Breakfast with Ian" Now, some seven years later I am writing # 996. Will I continue posting after Easter? I don't know, but I feel that I should give some credits where they are due at this time.
To John and Sue Cowgill, a heartfelt word of gratitude from Pauline and myself for a most memorable time in Cyprus and for getting me started on "Breakfast with Ian."
My thanks also to my son, Mark, who set up my original web site and who has tinkered several times since to keep me "on air".
To my friend Ken Skinner, my original 'techy' man who launched BWI to a wider audience around the world, my appreciation.
My acknowledgement also to Donna Morris, my present and most excellent secretary who unfailing presses the right buttons and who sends BWI "on 'er way" several times each month.
Finally, to my wife Pauline, my love and deepest appreciation. She has cast her eye over hundreds of posts, spotted typos, made valuable suggestions and exercised great patience when I have been AWOL banging keys behind closed doors. 
Will more of her patience be called upon in coming days? We shall wait and see.
That's it for BWI 996 folks.

Jubilate .

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