Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Undesirables and the Uneducated

One thing has become patently clear through all the passion and heat of the U.S. election 2016 and that is the insufferable high-mindedness of the media.
 Having backed the wrong horse in the run up to election day they are now in the business of examination, not SELF examination mind you. No, they are now analyzying not where THEY got it wrong but rather where THE PEOPLE who voted for Donald Trump got it wrong.
Their  conclusions are simple and unassailable. The folk from TRUMPISTAN are uneducated and therefore need to go through some sort of crash course before 2020 rolls around and we go through it all again.
The recommendation for the Democratic party is to get the people from Middle America (Middle Ages) re-educated so that their eyes may be opened as to what the real world is all about.
And as for those evangelical, Bible believing christians. Something needs to be done about them quickly, since fully 87% voted for the wrong party.
"Why", says Katie Couric (the erst while news anchor from ABC Televison)  "These people ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT THE WORLD WAS MADE IN SEVEN DAYS!"
Well, it looks as though Pauline and I will need to sign up for Summer School next year, because we are numbered among those simpletons who believe in the Genesis creation account.
And by the way, we also believe in the story of the flood and may be going  to Kentucky in Trumpistan next year to see the big ark down there!



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