Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump and the "Fly-Over" People.

What went wrong? This question is being asked repeatedly by the people who thought that they had all the answers.
I'm talking about the pollsters, the pundits, the reporters and the politicians. The ones who REALLY know what's going on in the world.
The outcome of the US election 2016 shows that, in fact, they really didn't HAVE A CLUE.
According to all the polls Hilary Clinton was a "Shoe-in" for the presidency but pollsters, as arrogant as the rest of the experts, were wrong. They had overlooked the people who were actually going to affect the outcome and vote in huge numbers for Donald Trump.
These people are not the coastal urbanites that populate both east and west shores of America: no, they are the "fly-over people", the ones who live in the thousands of miles in BETWEEN Los Angeles and New York. Rural Americans who don't have their daily Starbucks or shuffle around Washington D.C in their hushpuppies and baggy sweaters.
They actually have minds of their own and decided (in their own strange way) that the brave new world offered to them by Secretary Clinton, a world where men could marry men and women women, where LGBT would be as common as ABC, where male and female washrooms would be available to both sexes, where refugees could come in unrestricted droves from all parts of the earth and where all religions could live in peace and harmony under the flag of 'Old Glory'.... they actually decided that they did not embrace this Utopian vision and voted instead for Donald Trump.
How terrible!   Yes indeed and get ready for more 'terrible' things to take place in the next four years.


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