Sunday, October 29, 2017

Disney and the Devil.

Word is out! Disney Channel is making their first film to promote homosexuality among America's youth. Make that the YOUTH OF THE WORLD.
Their agenda is clear and self evident although couched in sweet, neutral, culturally acceptable language:
 "To promote INCLUSIVENESS among the new generation."
The story line is simple: four teenage friends having fun together as they gaily trip through life. Two girls, two boys just hanging out. No  problems apart from the twist that has one of the females and one of males fighting for the affection of the other boy. So the whole lousy and lurid story unfolds.
This is a light year away from Mickey Mouse, Snow White and Donald Duck folks. Instead of INCLUSIVENESS, it is a thinly veiled attempt at recruitment into a life style of sodomy aimed at the most impressionable of our population.
The T.V series  is called "Andi Mack" My short comment is 
"Don't watch it"
It is the latest piece of garbage from the LGBT community, cooked up and served to look delicious in order to ensnare our kids.
Just letting you know in case you are sitting down to watch your favourite channel with your family.

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