Tuesday, December 5, 2017

THIS YEAR in Jerusalem

There has been a major storm brewing for several months. Tomorrow there will be a flash of lightning and an instant peal of thunder.
The flash of lighting will originate in the White House:  the peal of thunder will reverberate throughout the Middle East.
Tomorrow President Trump will announce that the United States of America will recognize the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Instantaneously the United Nations, including most of the countries in Europe, will cry "FOUL" and accuse Trump of endangering the Middle East peace process. The whole world will have suddenly become a more perilous place. Trump and his far right supporters will be to blame. Terrorism will increase, Radical Islam will be given another cause to vent their hatred of the West, oil prices will soar and, wait for it, the SKY will fall.
Or will it.
If we believe the narrative laid out in the Bible this has all been planned for over two thousand years. God Himself decreed that His people would return to their homeland after been scattered among the nations for millennia. In 1948 their arrival home was sanctioned, when Israel became an independent nation. And would it not seem fitting that His Chosen People be given the ancient city of Jerusalem as their capital?
If you dislike that thought don't blame the President of America take the matter up with the High King of the Universe. If you listen He will tell you the reason.



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